You are entering the world of foreign exchange or Forex, a world where trillions of dollars are traded each day. It is by far the world’s largest and most liquid market. Once you enter you find a contrast between foreign exchange trading and trading on a listed exchange. You can do an Internet search and find the names, and securities traded on the various exchanges throughout the world. When you look for the foreign exchange market there is no such listing. Foreign exchange trading is decentralized yet it does have a structure. What we have are connected computerized centers in the major cities of the world. Also unlike major listed exchanges that have set hours for trading, foreign exchange trading is done 24 hours a day. There is another major difference between trading on listed exchanges and foreign exchange. If you want to buy IBM for example you would place an order on the New York Stock Exchange and get a specific quote. It doesn’t make a difference if you are buying 100 shares or 100,000 shares. The foreign exchange works quite differently. There are layers of buying and selling.

Foreign Exchange Interbank System

The major central banks and large trading institutions in the cities above are linked through a private computerized trading network. This is called the Interbank Network. They trade among themselves and set prices for the next lower layer of broker/dealers. Obviously, the Interbank traders control the market and have the tightest bid and ask prices or spreads. They then mark up the prices and sell the currencies to the next lower level of broker/dealers. These broker/dealers have trading platforms throughout the world. The broker/dealers then mark up their bids and asks for the retail customer or speculator.

Foreign Exchange Trading

Here again we find a major difference between trading securities and Forex. When you buy a stock for example you are buying a single unit. When you trade Forex you are trading currency pairs. You are buying one currency and selling another simultaneously. The major pairs traded are the US dollar, British Pound, euro, Japanese Yen, Swiss Franc and Canadian dollar. You would see a quote such as CAD/USD. You are always buying the first currency or Canadian dollar or base currency and selling the last one or US dollar or quote currency. This is called a “spread.”

Forex trading is rapid fire. Any political or economic event or natural disaster anywhere in the world and prices can change in the blink of an eye.

A Guide To Forex Trading

The Foreign Exchange Trading, which is commonly referred to, as ‘Forex Trading’, or just ‘FX’ is the largest volume of global financial exchange in the largest financial market in the world. The daily average turnover of this trading constitutes $1 trillion, which is well more than 30 times the combined volume of the US equity markets. Some of the important concepts and definitions will be presented in this article in order to provide the readers a general understanding of Forex trading.

  • Forward and Spot Forex Trading: The Forex trading can be either for forward or spot delivery. The forward transactions are usually carried out involving a delivery date that lies further in future, e.g. a year or more. Spot trading on the other end is undertaken through real exchange of currencies.
  • Difference Between Foreign Exchange and Foreign Currency: The difference between both these concepts will be easier to understand for someone who has travelled outside his country and might have got a vast exposure of how these two terminologies actually work. When he moves from his country to another, he will exchange his home currency with the foreign currency. This act of exchanging the two currencies is known as foreign exchange.
  • Why Buying and Selling Currencies: With the help of different companies in foreign exchange market, the banks and fund managers are enables to purchase and sale the foreign currencies in any amount they want. The two fundamental reasons for selling and buying currencies is that the 5% of daily turnover is for the governments or companies who intend to purchase or sale the products and services in any other country and therefore earn the profits in foreign currencies. Individuals through speculations and for sole purpose of profit making earn the rest of the 95% of profit.
  • Central Currency: Normally in Forex trading, the central currency in which the trading is usually done is the US dollar. In other terms, more than 50% of the Forex trading in international markets is done through the US dollar. The trading in Forex is a very favorable business for everyone, but it also contains serious risks and dangers of going bankrupt in no time.

Important Information

Finding out about Forex trade may be one of the most essential pieces of information that investors can gather. This is a lucrative area of investment that should not be ignored. Essentially, Forex trade involves buying and selling foreign currencies. Though this may sound simple, it can actually generate quite a bit of money for many investors out there. If you would like to get started in the Forex trade markets, be sure to do some preliminary research before you begin.

First, you may need to think about a general strategy before you opt to start investing in Forex trading. Like many sound investment strategies, you may need to think about setting up a diversified account. This means that you will need to buy up several different currencies at once. You may be surprised by the sheer amount of currencies that are available through these different markets. Think about how you can buy in to these accounts and get started soon. Track the value of these different currencies so you may know when you should sell.

Other investors will want to take a look at how they can get the right support for their strategy. They may want to think about hiring a broker that understands how the Forex trade system works. It can also be useful to read a few blogs or periodicals about how to maximize the gains that you can get from your portfolio. Just be sure to stay on top of different trends and be ready to sell. You don’t want to buy up currency that will simply decline in value.

Finally, don’t forget to find a trading platform for the Forex market. There are actually a number of different sites online that can help support your investment strategy. Think about setting up an account with an agency soon. You may be impressed by the support that you can get online. These providers will allow you to invest in just about any different foreign currency that you may need.

Choosing A Forex Broker

There are many brokers that are striving to attract more traders, and a person should consider several factors when searching for a broker, such as the broker’s trading platform, the types of strategies that the broker allows, the amount of the minimum deposit that the broker will accept and the reviews of the broker online.

Trading Certain Currency Pairs

  • There are sixteen major currency pairs that are traded in the Forex market, and in addition, there are many other pairs, which are usually called the “exotic pairs.”
  • The reason for this name is that these currency pairs tend to fluctuate much more sporadically than the sixteen major pairs.
  • A person should carefully choose the currency pair that they want to trade, and they should master the trends of the pair and the determining factors that cause the currency pair to fluctuate in value.

Getting Started On A Demo Account

Usually, trading with virtual money on a demo account is a very effective method of enhancing a person’s trading skills. By trading on a demo account, the trader can practice various strategies, use certain trading systems and signals, get a feel for the trends of a particular currency pair and learn to quickly and effectively navigate the trading platform that a broker offers.

Making A Deposit

  • Most brokers will accept a wide variety of payment methods when a person makes a deposit, such as a credit card, a debit card, an ACH transfer, a wire transfer, a check and many online payment processors.
  • The larger the deposit that a person makes, the more they can earn by trading Forex.

Choosing A Trading System

  • There are many Forex trading systems available, and a person should read many reviews about each system that they’re considering before choosing one. Some of these systems trade Forex accounts completely automatically, and some provide trading signals that tell the trader when to buy or sell a particular currency pair.
  • Most companies that sell trading systems will provide various account statements on their websites that offer proof of the income that the system can earn.
  • When trading Forex, there are many things to consider. Some of these include choosing a Forex broker, choosing particular currency pairs, using a demo account, making a deposit and choosing a Forex trading system.


FX trading or foreign exchange trading is the simultaneous buying of one currency and selling of another in order to make a profit. FX trading is a complex and risky way to invest due to the fact that it is a 24 hour market and the changes in exchange rates can be unpredictable. Currencies are always quoted in pairs like Euro/US dollar and investors can speculate what the relative price will be between the currencies. When one currency increases it strengthens the other. The first currency is typically referred to as the base currency and the second would be the quote currency. In a price quote the amount tells you how much you receive of the quote currency for each unit of the base currency.

Trading of international currencies requires a detailed knowledge, a great deal of research and constant monitoring of the currencies. Exchange rates are very volatile and currency markets are difficult to predict because so many factors go into determining exchange rates. One unexpected environmental, political or social event can have a drastic impact on currency exchange rates. Many people that invest in FX trading have a vast knowledge of foreign countries and consistently monitor the political environment of each country they exchange with.

FX trading means trading with a high degree or risk and uncertainty which can be very exciting. Trading happens fast and requires decisions to be made within seconds involving upwards of millions of dollars. This type of trading also requires a sharp analytic mind and a high degree of dedication to foreign exchange rates. Most FX traders have multiple degrees, technological and scientific analytical abilities, spend many hours conducting business and hours upon hours on the computer and on the phone. As with any trading, if you’re good at what you do you can make a lot of money. If you don’t know what you’re doing you can lose everything.

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