Let’s face it; building a domain name takes work, time and patience. If you are someone that can’t put in the necessary time and work that it takes to build a domain name, I will advise you to get an expired domain.

When you buy an expired domain, you don’t need to build it from scratch anymore because it is already built. The good thing about buying an expired domain name is that most expired domains have backlinks, domain authority and can rank high in search engines. That’s amazing, right?

However, before you buy an expired domain, there are some important factors that you should consider. Here I will give you five important factors to consider.


  1. Check for backlinks. You should make sure that the expired domain you are buying has genuine backlinks. Your website will only rank high on search engines if it has genuine backlinks. There are lots of tools that show you the number of backlink a domain has and the low trust websites which have your website link.
  2. Consider domain age. Domain age matters in domain authority. Before you buy any expired domain, you should consider its age. Older domains will have better domain authority than your domains.
  3. Check for domain authority. Before you buy an expired domain, you should check for its domain authority. Domain’s authority matters. You should make sure that the domain you are buying a domain authority of at least 20+. You should never make the mistake of buying an expired domain name with its domain authority less than 20. You should know that buying an expired domain is more like investing, so you should not invest in something that is not worthwhile. So you should make sure that you check for the domain authority before buying the expired domain. You can check for the domain authority by using Open Site Explorer.
  4. Check for Google Ban. Before you buy an expired domain name, you should make sure that Google has not banned the domain name. Google only ban domains with low trust level. But that is not only the case; Google also bans some domains with high page authority and domain authority. You should never buy a domain that has been banned by Google.
  5. Check for Google AdSense ban. If a domain is already banned by Google AdSense, there is no need buying it because you can’t make money with the domain.


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