The first obvious benefit of a domain name is that it makes it easy for people to perform Google search. They don’t have to go the trouble of remembering the sophisticated IP addresses or URLs when searching for specific websites. All they have to do is type a domain name example,, and automatically access the products and services they want. A domain name also obstructs the web servers from the domain name, making it effortless to upgrade your web server whenever you want by simply changing your domain name’s DNS Records and pointing from the IP address of your previous server to the new IP address of the new server automatically. 


However, there are specific things first-time domain owners fail to know before buying a domain name. Here is a rundown of some of them:

1)   There is no option for a refund after domain name registration

Typically, if you buy a domain name and find out that it’s not the one that suits your business model; the registrar cannot refund your money. Instead, you’ll have to find ways to sell that domain yourself. You can sell the domain on a domain auction site like GoDaddy or list it on a domain reseller site like Namecheap.

2)   After domain name registration, your domain details become publicly available on the WHOIS directory

When registering a domain name, the registrar will require you to supply personal details such as name, phone number, email address, physical address and much more. This information will then be listed in the WHOIS database and made available to the public. That means anybody who knows your domain name can go to the WHOIS directory and get your domain name details. This can be risky, especially if there are spam harvesters or prying eyes around. However, the registrar can make your domain name details private. Some registrars charge for this service while others don’t. Regardless of whether they charge or not, it’s wise to initiate privacy protection for your domain name to keep people with bad intentions at bay.

3)   It can be daunting to prove your rights if you sign up for Domain Privacy Protection during Domain name registration when your registrar goes out of business

It’s important to note this point when choosing a registrar to register your domain name. Choose established registrars who have been in the domain business long enough to prevent such inconveniences. A number of registrars guard their customers’ privacy in case they close shop by storing their data on third party servers such as Escrow.

4)   If a trademark-oriented dispute manifests when you buy a domain name, you could lose your domain name

Let’s face it; domain trademark issues occur online unknowingly. But they can be settled by agreement, arbitration or court action before a registrar takes any step to cancel, transfer or suspend a domain name. You can check insights about domain name trademark issues on the ICANN website to prevent the possibilities of infringing on domain name trademark laws and how you can resolve disputes if you become a statistic.

5)   You legally own the domain name after domain name registration for as long as you renew it and pay the relevant fees

If you fail to renew your domain name after the expiry date, the registrar will allow you a grace period (usually 42 days) to renew the domain name. If you fail to renew the domain name after the grace period, the registrar adds you another 30 days (called redemption grace period) to renew the domain name. However, late renewal will come with a penalty. If the redemption grace period expires, you lose ownership of the domain name. The domain name is then made available for someone else to buy.

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